GeoBoost 7000 Stand on white background
Screen of GeoBoost 7000 Stand
Another look at the turbine on GeoBoost 7000 Stand
Turbine on the GeoBoost 7000 Stand
Close look at turbine on the GeoBoost 7000 Stand

Stand for static and dynamic calibration and testing of turbocharger. It has a combined two-position design, which allows testing the turbocharger in two modes

  • Rapid static calibration of turbocharger geometry
  • Full dynamic diagnostics at different operating modes

GeoBoost-7000 will allow you to carry out professional testing of turbocharger operation during repair, tuning or modernization. The availability of two working zones of the machine depending on the testing method helps to carry out comprehensive diagnostics.


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    Static Geometry Calibration

    • Universal installation: The machine design allows any turbocharger to be mounted on the stand using a magnetic or adapter adapter, as well as mounting collars for non-magnetic materials. This makes it easy to work with a variety of turbocharger models, providing flexibility and ease of use.
    • Adjustable vane end position: The ability to adjust the vane end position of the airflow control mechanism eliminates the “overblow” effect, which prevents damage to the engine and turbocharger during operation. This is an important advantage for maintaining optimum system performance.
    • Actuator Check and Adjustment: The bench can check and diagnose the spring of the actuator, which helps to assess their condition and correct potential problems in time, improving the reliability and durability of the turbocharger.
    • N75 Valve Check: The ability to check the N75 valve, which controls the turbocharger on the vehicle, simplifies failure analysis and reduces repair time. This increases service efficiency and improves customer service.
    • High Capacity Vacuum Pump: A high capacity vacuum pump provides the necessary vacuum and airflow through the turbocharger to enable comprehensive turbocharger diagnostics and tuning under conditions that are as close to real world operating conditions as possible.

    Dynamic diagnostics and testing

    • Dynamic testing under near realistic operating conditions: Engineers can test turbochargers under conditions as close to real life as possible, allowing for more accurate monitoring of turbine health and performance, including oil leak testing.
    • Dedicated software with advanced algorithms: Using sophisticated algorithms, turbocharger performance can be accurately determined after testing, simplifying analysis and improving diagnostics.
    • Real-time data display: All turbocharger operations and performance parameters are displayed in real-time in a graphical-digital format, giving technicians instant access to critical information for rapid decision-making.
    • Automatic graphing and analysis: Automatic graphing of boost vs. flow at the turbocharger inlet and outlet allows for qualitative diagnosis of the condition of individual turbine components and comparison of current results with reference data and previous tests.
    • Extensive and expandable database of test plans: The availability of a database of more than 2000 test plans, which can be expanded, allows you to work with a wide range of turbochargers and their analogs, providing versatility and adaptability of the stand.
    • Compatibility with ATP-1000 for diagnostics of turbines with electronic actuator: Integration with ATP-1000 allows engineers to diagnose turbines with electronic actuator and test servo motors of the electric actuator separately, which expands the possibilities of inspection and maintenance of modern turbochargers.
    • The bench design has a high-performance vacuum pump to ensure the required vacuum values and create an airflow passing through the turbocharger.
    • There is an air filter and a coarse filter to exclude the possibility of dirt entering the turbocharger.
    • The well-thought-out design of the body and the high modularity of the stand provides free access to any assembly unit during maintenance and repair.


    Contents of GeoBoost 7000 Stand Package

    The equipment supplied with the machine allows you to install almost the entire range of turbines from modern manufacturers.


    The maximum diameter of the compressor wheel, mm80
    Maximum achievable rotor speed, rpm300 000
    Required pressure to the pneumatic system, MPa0,8 – 1,0
    Recommended minimum receiver volume, m31,0
    Overall dimensions of the machine (length x width x height), mm780 х 1450 х 1274
    Machine weight, kg (approximately)285
    Power supply parameters380V ± 10%, 3 Ph, 50Hz ± 1
    Power consumption, not less than kW1,5
    Balancing system of the machineBoost Test
    Foundation requirementsThe machine is installed on a conventional hard floor in a workshop.



    The page lists the characteristics of the basic model of the machine. Almost any parameter(diameter, length, weight, etc.) of the machine can be changed on the customer’s request. When ordering the machine, all parameters of the machine will be agreed additionally.
    We will calculate the tolerances for the permissible residual disbalance according to your drawings. Balance correctly!