For the maximum convenience of the operator, the balancing device PB-02M was supplemented with a graphic display, which combines reliability, functionality and ease of operation. Designed and manufactured specifically for use in balancing machines of most existing structures. Accuracy characteristics of machines equipped with PB-02M comply with the requirements of GOST 20076-2007 and ISO 2953-99. The system software allows the machine to be tuned by trial starts on serial rotors with an initial imbalance, which eliminates the waste of time and additional funds for the manufacture of the reference rotor and conditional balancing.

Special features

The balancing device is so simple and easy to operate that three hours of training are enough for the user to start a confident operation. The use of microprocessor electronics in combination with a membrane keyboard gives exceptional reliability and operability in production conditions of any complexity – dust, moisture, cold, heat, working with dirty hands. The graphical method of displaying the imbalance vector during the balancing process simplifies the visual determination of the place for adding/removing corrective mass (especially familiar for operators working with the stroboscopic system). The information is displayed on a liquid crystal graphic display with a viewing angle of 150 degrees and a wide operating temperature range. Step-by-step text hints significantly reduce the likelihood of errors in operator actions. The capacity of internal memory is increased and allows you to save up to 1000 reports about the balancing performed with further transfer to the PC for printing reports. The device memory stores settings about previously balanced rotors, which reduces the time for re-setting the machine. Storing results up to 100 recent measurements allows you to analyze and monitor the balancing process  


Can be equipped with a panel personal computer with a touch-sensitive liquid crystal screen. This eliminates the need to use standard data input tools (keyboard, mouse).

Biplanar balancing microprocessor device PB-02M

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