The PAK-4 balancing system is equipped with an industrial touchscreen computer based on Windows 7. If necessary, a printer can be connected to the computer, with the help of which you can print the “balancing protocol” where the initial and final value of the imbalance of the cardan shaft will be displayed.

  • The machine balancing system operates in “real time” mode and displays information about the vibration level every second from all four supports, which allows you to see the whole picture completely tracking the behavior of the imbalance. Having these balancing system properties, you can eliminate the imbalance simultaneously on all correction planes, reducing the time required for balancing at times.
  • The possibility of simultaneous monitoring of 4 correction planes in real time, which gives a complete idea of ​the state of the cardan shaft at any time – it displays the position of the shaft on the screen, so-called “tracking system.”
  • The system has a harmonic analysis function that allows a fairly accurate assessment of the state of the cardan shaft and its mechanical defects before balancing.
  • The tool eccentricity function, which allows you to filter out the vibration that the machine tool can create and take into account only the vibration of the cardan shaft, in some cases without this function it is impossible to balance the cardan shaft at all.

The program functions that cover all balancing needs are developed

Equipment It may be equipped with a panel personal computer with a touch-sensitive liquid crystal screen. This eliminates the need to use standard data input tools (keyboard, mouse).

The software and hardware balancing complex PAK-4

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