Maximal weight, kg
Maximal diameter, mm
Rotor length, mm

Balancing machine for balancing a wide range of rotors weighing up to 500 kg.

Universal, hard bearing, with horizontal axis of rotation.

On such a machine it is possible to balance:

  • betwen bearings and cantilever rotors (armatures, pumps, turbines, combine rotors)
  • rotor on special mandrels (disks, fans, pulleys, impellers)
  • rotor in own bearings (rollers, drums)


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    The 9D716 balancing machine is used for balancing rotors of various designs in maintenance and production companies thanks to its narrow stands and belt-drive rotation. The machine can be equipped with a combined rotary drive for balancing a wide range of rotors in agricultural machinery and elevator equipment.

    The 9D716 machines are also suitable for centrifugal compressor rotors, pumps and even combine harvester auger imbalances. The machine’s high degree of flexibility is ensured by its unique technical features, which permit adaptation of the machine to any workpiece during the changeover process, regardless of its design. Combine harvester accelerator drums, chopper shafts with knives and unbalanced variations of the combine shafts can be balanced on the same machine.

    The following shafts can also be balanced on the 9D series machines: Shredder shaft, threshing drum shaft, whipstock shaft, etc. The Model 9D716 is ideally suited for complex tasks such as balancing shafts after repairs or in the manufacturing process of agricultural or industrial machinery. Typical examples are balancing decanters, gas blower rotors or balancing electric motor rotors found in much of your existing equipment.

    The 9D Series is also popular with chemical and food service maintenance teams, as their work involves maintaining and generally balancing a wide range of pumps and blowers and fans operating in adverse conditions. However, they also frequently repair and balance pulleys, gears and spindles of various equipment. High productivity and the ability to balance parts with large initial imbalances can significantly reduce machine downtime and hence production losses associated with production stoppages.


    High balancing accuracy 0,4 gmm/kg = 0,4 µm


    • The special design of the rollers, which are assembled with precision bearings and use the advanced, patented grinding technology “exact barrel” ®.
    • The monolithic design of the supports and base prevents vibration losses during balancing by reducing the number of “oscillation system” elements.
    • High-precision sensors can even detect micro-vibration coming from the rotor.


    • Enables measurement of large initial unbalances without destroying the machine, as well as correction of rotor unbalance directly on the machine.
    • Low natural resonance frequency of the supports allows the balancing of the rotor at low rotational speeds.
    • The width of the support rollers and roller block allow the installation of rotors with very short rotor bearing journals. The modular design allows the mounting of rotors with unusual configurations by means of spacers or tooling.
    • The height of the roller block is adjustable, allowing to balance rotors with different diameters of bearing journals and also making possible to center the rotor during machine setup.
    • The unique “MICRO-TUNING” ® technology eliminates the effects of axial misalignment during rotation.
    • The special design of the supports makes it possible to mount the rotor without regard to length, the only limit is the width of the drive belt or the length of the bed.
    • The “belt drive” has a patented “LONG STROKE” ® design which allows, equipped with only two drive belts, to rotate any rotor.
    • The electric motor has a power reserve, which reduces the acceleration and deceleration time of the part.
    • The electric motor has a power reserve, which reduces the acceleration and deceleration time of the part.
    • Smooth acceleration and deceleration of the electric motor as well as infinitely variable speed control of the rotor is provided by the frequency inverter drive.

    Many unique technical solutions for adjusting and balancing complex rotors, without losing precision in unbalance detection.

    Machine design options

    • Axial drive, which uses a cardan shaft. Capable of transmitting high torque from the electric motor to the rotor. This type of drive is used for parts with high aerodynamic drag or special design features (e.g. augers). The axial drive of all machines of the 9D series is equipped with an extendable spindle.
    • Combined drive – both axial drives and a belt drive on one frame. This machine will be in demand by companies with rotors of various designs.
    • Drilling module for unbalance correction of the rotor without removing it from the machine. Handy for use to increase productivity of the operation.
    • Extended machine bed. The base of the machine can be made for any length of rotor. In our practice we had machines for rotors 12 meters long.


    We make balancing easier – the main advantage characterizing our balancing systems.

    • Ease of use and simple operation do not require special theoretical knowledge from the operator.
    • Displays the balancing process in real time and monitors the unbalance behavior of the rotor on the screen to achieve the best possible result.
    • The maximum sensitivity of the machine at any moment of operation, set-up and calibration of the machine is carried out by the operator himself.
    • Free from the influence of external vibration factors on the measuring result, has a high degree of protection against various types of disturbance.
    • World-leading functionality and accuracy due to 40 years of industry development and application experience.


    Weight range of balanced rotors, кг5 — 500
    Maximum rotor diameter (above the bedding), mm1300
    Diameter of rotor support necks, mm30 — 180
    Distance between the middles of the rotor support necks, mm, min/max200 — 2000
    Support typeRollers
    Minimum achievable residual specific imbalance,,4
    Rotor speed range, rpm300 — 1500
    Drive typeFrequency-adjustable asynchronous electric drive
    Electric motor power, kW4,0
    Rotor rotation transmission elementBelt
    InstrumentwarePB-02M / PAK-1
    Support length, mm2400
    PackageDrive belts,
    Prisms for light rotors,
    Rotors Maintenance Manual


    The page lists the characteristics of the basic model of the machine. Almost any parameter(diameter, length, weight, etc.) of the machine can be changed on the customer’s request. When ordering the machine, all parameters of the machine will be agreed additionally.
    We will calculate the tolerances for the permissible residual disbalance according to your drawings. Balance correctly!