Maximal weight, kg
Maximal length, mm
Number of supports

The machine is designed to balance the cardan shafts of cars and trucks in cardan repair workshops. 
The machine can be quickly reconfigured and balance single driveshafts of different types.

The balancing machine will be suitable for small services with a large range of different shafts, including trucks.


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    This balancing machine has high productivity and serves to balance the cardan shafts of cars and trucks. It makes the process of balancing the cardan shaft easy thanks to many technical solutions, while the machine has an affordable price, which reduces your financial burden and allows you to develop your business effectively.

    The machine has high accuracy (1 gmm\kg). Accuracy is achieved due to the special design of the spindle and tooling of the machine, as well as a reliable balancing system, PAK-4 which has a high degree of noise immunity. Easy management allows you to learn quickly how to work on the machine and get started as soon as possible.

    When we designing the machine, high requirements were placed on the functionality and versatility of each unit, this made it possible to install absolutely any cardan shaft on the machine with a minimum of time.


    • The machine supports have the unique design that allows the implementation of three schemes for fixing suspension bearings. In addition, adjusting the supports in height takes a little time due to the unique design solution light heightⓇ.
    • Fast clamping adapters made according to the patented EASY CLAMPⓇ technology reduce the time to reinstall the cardan shaft by half, which made it possible to use this machine not only in repair shops, but also in serial and small-scale production.
    • The machine can be equipped with adapters for installation of cardan shafts with fixation on the end splines, as well as adapters with slots. With all adapters, you will be able to balance any cardan shaft, what allows you to expand your client base.
    • Using these functions, the machine can not only balance, but also diagnose the cardan shaft after assembly, average the imbalance values in unstable readings, and even cut off the vibration emanating from the tooling, allowing you to work only with the vibration of the cardan shaft.
    • High performance of the machine is provided by various technical solutions such as: fixing the spindle with a retainer when installing the cardan shaft, or the dual purpose of the protective bracket (it can be used as an additional support when installing the cardan). These solutions allowed to perform the entire process of installing the cardan to one person, which doubles the productivity of the section.
    • To reduce acceleration and braking time, the machine is equipped with a powerful engine, and it is possible to switch the mode of “acceleration and braking of the cardan shaft.”
    • The machine is repairable and has high reliability, and a variety of protective elements such as a “belt casing” or “protective brackets” make the work on the machine safe. In addition to mechanical protection methods on the machine, there is electrical protection that eliminates situations related to the “human factor,” as well as many warning and informing signs that allow you to quickly navigate and deal with work on the machine.
    • The electric motor has a power margin, which reduces the acceleration and braking time of the part.
    • The electric drive is equipped with a frequency converter, it provides reliable protection of all electrical equipment and allows you to organize smooth acceleration and braking of the electric motor, as well as perform stepless control of the rotor speed.

    High demands were placed on the functionality and versatility of each unit in the design of the machine. This makes it possible to mount any universal joint shaft on the machine with a minimum of time.

    High performance accessories

    The machine is equipped with three main types of adapters:

    1. Fast  clamping  universal adapters. It has two main advantages: The first is that due to the special design the driveshaft flange is clamped within 5 seconds. This advantage is due to the fact that the driveshaft flange does not need to be fixed with bolts.
      The second advantage is the centering rings. The driveshaft is mounted in the adapters with centering rings that can be made on an ordinary lathe to fit most common driveshafts.
    2. KV Flange adapters. Used for balancing shafts with cross-tooth flanges. Applies to four flange sizes: 120, 150, 180, 205 mm. Usually used on truck driveshafts.
    3. Adapter with slots. Used to mount various flanges with holes. Mounting the driveshaft is the same as on universal adapters, with the help of centering rings.

    You don’t need a set of adapters for full operation that cost as much as another machine. Together with these three types, you can cover almost the entire market segment.


    We make balancing easier – the main advantage characterizing our balancing systems.

    • Ease of use and simple operation do not require special theoretical knowledge from the operator.
    • Displays the balancing process in real time and monitors the unbalance behavior of the rotor on the screen to achieve the best possible result.
    • The maximum sensitivity of the machine at any moment of operation, set-up and calibration of the machine is carried out by the operator himself.
    • Free from the influence of external vibration factors on the measuring result, has a high degree of protection against various types of disturbance.
    • World-leading functionality and accuracy due to 40 years of industry development and application experience.


    Mass range of balanced rotors, kg3-150
    Maximum rotor diameter, mm200
    Maximum flange diameter, mm300
    Maximum length of cardan shaft, mm4700*
    Type of supportsSoft-bearing
    Number of simultaneously measured planes4
    Accuracy, mm/kg1,0
    Rotor speed range, rpm400-2500
    Type of driveFrequency inverter asynchronous electric drive
    Electric motor power, kW1,5


    The page lists the characteristics of the basic model of the machine. Almost any parameter(diameter, length, weight, etc.) of the machine can be changed on the customer’s request. When ordering the machine, all parameters of the machine will be agreed additionally.
    We will calculate the tolerances for the permissible residual disbalance according to your drawings. Balance correctly!