Design features

Balancing accuracy 4 gmm/kg. The automatic collet clamping of the part ensures the accuracy of setting the balanced disk with the axis of the machine spindle, high basing repeatability, reliable clamping and high productivity of the machine by reducing the time to install parts. The part is installed along the base central hole through a special mandrel onto a vertical spindle. Interchangeable collet mandrels allow you to re-equip the machine for rotors with different mounting holes quickly. The presence of the function of automatic turning, as well as the mechanism for fixing the spindle in the place of imbalance elimination, allow you to bring the Disc to the place of imbalance elimination (drilling, milling) quickly and accurately. The spindle of the machine is designed as a complete assembly of a collapsible structure, which simplifies its maintenance.
Asynchronous frequency-controlled electric drive allows you to perform stepless speed control without stopping the electric motor, the choice of optimal modes for balancing, as well as perform the rotation of the rotor. The spindle of the machine is designed as a complete assembly of a collapsible structure, which simplifies its maintenance. Class C rotor guard – protects from contact with rotating parts, providing protection from detached corrective weights or parts of a rotating rotor.


We make balancing easier – the main advantage characterizing our balancing systems.

  • Ease of use and simple operation do not require special theoretical knowledge from the operator.
  • Displays the balancing process in real time and monitors the unbalance behavior of the rotor on the screen to achieve the best possible result.
  • The maximum sensitivity of the machine at any moment of operation, set-up and calibration of the machine is carried out by the operator himself.
  • Free from the influence of external vibration factors on the measuring result, has a high degree of protection against various types of disturbance.
  • World-leading functionality and accuracy due to 40 years of industry development and application experience.
Options BVI-03-80M2
Maximum part diameter, mm 30
Maximum part height, mm 310
Maximum part height, mm 80
Minimum achievable residual specific imbalance, g.mm/kg 4
Number of measured rotor correction planes 1
Rotor speed range during balancing, rpm 300 – 800
Power of the electric motor of the rotation drive of the part, kW 1,5
Balancing system PB-02M

Basic delivery set

  • Balancing machine assembly mod. BVI-03-80M2 with balancing system PB-02M included: protective fence of the balancing zone — 1 pc.
  • Equipment for balancing parts according to the specification – 1 set.
  • A set of spare parts and consumables for the warranty period – 1 set.
  • Set for setting up the machine – 1 set.
  • Machine operation manual with acceptance test reports and electrical circuit diagram (in Russian) – 1 pc.
  • Balancing system operation manual (in Russian) — 1 pc.

Additional equipment 

Test rotor for periodic accuracy checks. Installation of the balancing system PAK-1, based on an industrial computer with a touch monitor instead of PB-02M


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