The VTM GROUP company commercially produces two models of machines for balancing wheel sets of rolling stock: 9717K and 9718K. Load capacity, kg: 100-1500 and 300-3000 (4000 *), respectively. 9717K is focused on the wheel sets of passenger cars. 9718K is designed for traction stock wheelsets, but can also be used for wagon wheelsets. The machine has a high accuracy of determining the imbalance of the rotor (0.5 kg∙cm). The main features of this series of machines:

  1. The balancing system provides measurement of unbalance in the polar coordinate system in two planes with display of the magnitude and angle of unbalance, both relative to the axis passing through the geometric centers of wheel rolling, and relative to the axis of rotation of the wheelset in axle bearings.
  2. The PAK-GD balancing system is tuned using the “three starts” method, the advantage of this method is that the equipment always has a high sensitivity, since the machine calibration procedure is carried out each time it is tuned to a new rotor.
  3. The processing and output of information takes place in the “real time” mode, which allows you to track the behavior of the imbalance, improving the analysis of information.
  4. For the convenience of controlling the balancing system, the equipment is fitted up with an industrial computer with a touch screen running on the Windows 7 operating system.
  5. The balancing system of the machine allows you to work with two correction planes at once, which significantly reduces the balancing time.
  6. The software interface has many hints to help you quickly master the controls.
  7. When designing the interface, diagrams were used to simplify the analysis of information.
  8. The lever design of the movable suspension of the supports makes it possible to achieve high accuracy of the machines at a speed of 200 … 400 rpm and allows the operator to analyze the residual level of imbalance in visual way.
  9. The machines are equipped with “jacks”, which allow you to achieve a quick shock-free installation of the rotor, this allows you to save the support necks of the wheelset and the support rollers of the machine.
  10. Quick installation of the rotor is also achieved through the use of catchers in the design of the jacks, while the wheelset is centered automatically.
  11. The machine can be fitted up with special additional equipment for balancing wheel sets with a gearbox (driven from the middle part of the axle) without dismantling the gearbox.
  12. The special design of the “support rollers” and high-quality high-precision bearings, as well as a special technology for the production of rollers, make it possible to achieve high accuracy.
  13. The “roller block” has a “self-installation” function, which eliminates the need for its adjustment, which reduces installation time, and also eliminates the possibility of “knurling” on the rotor bearing journals.
  14. The width of the support rollers also prevent the appearance of “knurling” on the contact surface of the rotor.
  15. The machine can be equipped with additional milling devices to eliminate imbalance.
  16. The equipment is fitted up with an “axial drive”, its feature is that it is able to transmit a large torque, which allows you to accelerate and stop the wheelset quickly, this makes it possible to shorten the balancing cycle. The presence of a full-fledged spindle with a quill increases the productivity and reliability of the machine.
  17. The electric motor has a power reserve, this allows you to reduce the acceleration and deceleration time of the rotor, as well as increase its resource.
  18. The design of the electric drive has a frequency converter, it protects the electrical equipment and allows smooth acceleration and deceleration of the electric motor and stepless regulation of the rotor speed.
  19. Rolling stock wheel pair balancing machines have high reliability and productivity. Which is confirmed by the actual operation of such a machine in the conditions of mass production (PJSC INTERPIPE, Dnepropetrovsk).

Design features

Balancing of pairs is carried out when they are installed by inner rings of roller bearings, or landing necks of roller bearings, on the roller bearings of the machine. The suspension of the machine is lever with bearing joints, with a low natural resonant frequency, which guarantees high balancing accuracy. The rotation of the wheelset during balancing is performed by a cardan axial drive. Asynchronous frequency-controlled electric drive allows you to perform stepless speed control without stopping the electric motor, the choice of optimal modes for balancing. Machines can be equipped with sensors for axial and/or radial runout.

Self-aligning bearings with cylindrical hardened rollers

Self-aligning bearings with cylindrical hardened rollers – eliminate the possibility of the formation of traces of “knurling” on the mounting (bearing) rotor journals with low hardness and large mass. Jacks for smooth installation and removal of the wheelset from the supports provide protection of the machine mechanisms from impacts, create convenience and safety in the process of work.


We make balancing easier – the main advantage characterizing our balancing systems.

  • Ease of use and simple operation do not require special theoretical knowledge from the operator.
  • Displays the balancing process in real time and monitors the unbalance behavior of the rotor on the screen to achieve the best possible result.
  • The maximum sensitivity of the machine at any moment of operation, set-up and calibration of the machine is carried out by the operator himself.
  • Free from the influence of external vibration factors on the measuring result, has a high degree of protection against various types of disturbance.
  • World-leading functionality and accuracy due to 40 years of industry development and application experience.
Range of weights of balancing pairs on the machine, kg (min-max)300 – 1500800 – 3000
Permissible range of wheel diameters, mm700 – 1350700 – 1350
Permissible width of the wheelset relative to the railway axle2000 – 23002000 – 2300
Distance between the inner surfaces of the wheels1300 – 16001300 – 1600
Diameter of bearing necks of the rotor, mm50 – 20050 – 200
Rotor speed range, rpm (min-max)200 – 800200 – 600
Minimum achievable residual specific imbalance, gmm/kgno more 1,0no more 1,0
Type of driveAxialAxial
Support typeRollersRollers
Motor power of the part rotation drive, not less than, kW1515
Machine balancing systemPAKPAK


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