The main feature of this model of the machine is a special lower belt drive of balanced rotors, which allows you to speed up the process of installation and removal to the machine. The measuring balancing system of the machine is built on the basis of an industrial computer with special software, in which additional functions are installed, such as:

  • current angle tracking system
  • automatic positioning of the part to be balanced to the required angle
  • the ability to select the optimal modes for balancing.
Main technical data and characteristics9D716S1
Mass range of balanced rotors, kg5 – 300
The greatest load on one support, kg170
Minimum achievable residual specific imbalance, g•mm/kg0,4
The smallest correction unit, g•mm/kg0,2
Rotor speed range during balancing, rpm200-1200
Maximum diameter of the rotor over the bed, mm1300
Maximum rotor diameter over belt drive, mm500
Diameter of bearing necks of the rotor, mm20-180
Distance between the centers of the supporting necks of the rotor, mm200 – 1350
Overall dimensions of the machine, mm (length x width x height)1600х1352х 1148
Machine weight, kg505
Sound level at the workplace, dBA, no more350х600х1266
Overall dimensions of the electrical cabinet, mm (length x width x height)72
Corrected sound power level, dBA, no more80
Additional information about the machine9D716S1
Machine typepre-resonant
Machine drive typeBelt, lower
Support typeRollers + Prisms
Installed trouble-free operating time, hour, not less1500
The established service life up to the first major repair, years, not less10
Type of supply currentTN-C ~ 3- phase
Current frequency, Hz50±1
Mains voltage, V~380 ±10%
Voltage: – machine drive circuits, V – control circuits, V~ 380 – 24, DC (direct current)
Number of electric motors1
Power of the electric motor of the rotation drive of the part, kW4,0
Technical characteristics of the balancing system9D716S1
Machine balancing systemTracking system PAK-1 with the function of the rotor turning
Rotor speed controlReal time on screen
Display of unbalance valuesReal time on screen
Measurement displayReal time on screen
Display of the current angular positionReal time on screen
Measurement time, sec20 – 25
Rev counterlaser
Rotor angle sensorIncluded
Additional rotation (positioning) of the rotorAutomatic and manual, with display of the current angle on the screen
Number of measured rotor correction planes2
Measurement in each planesimultaneously
Coordinate measurement systempolar
Operating frequency range during balancing, Hz0-50
Input resistance, kOhm, not less than100
Indication: unbalance module, unbalance angle and speedLCD display
Power supply of the device with AC voltage, V~220 ±10%
Power consumption, W, no more10


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