The part is installed along the base central hole through a special mandrel onto a vertical spindle.


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    High balancing accuracy

    The equipment has a high accuracy of unbalance determination, all machines are produced with an accuracy of at least 4 g∙mm/kg.

    • Spindle of a special design, assembled according to a unique technology using high-quality high-precision bearings.
    • Machines can have both cylindrical and tapered spindle fit, which allows to achieve a high degree of coaxiality of the mandrel and spindle.
    • The balancing mandrel, made on high-precision equipment, allows you to achieve precise balancing of the product.
    • The monolithic design of the supports and the bed prevents vibration losses during balancing by reducing the number of elements of the “oscillating system”.
    • High-precision sensors perceive even microvibrations emanating from the rotor.


    • This type of machine is most effectively used for balancing parts in serial and small-scale production.
    • The machine frame has a high rigidity, which allows to balance the rotor with a large initial imbalance, without the risk of destruction of the machine components, this allows you to speed up the balancing process by 2 times.
    • The machines can operate in a “semi-automatic” mode, and after the completion of the measurement cycle, the rotation of the spindle will be turned off automatically (without human intervention). This will allow the operator to perform secondary operations, such as preparing the next part, while the balancing process is in progress.
    • All machines are equipped with protective covers and comply with all modern CE and ISO safety regulations.
    • The machine can be equipped with both the PB-02M microprocessor system and the PAK-1V system based on an industrial PC.
    • The electric motor has a power reserve, which allows to reduce the acceleration and deceleration time of the part.
    • The electric drive is equipped with a frequency inverter, it provides reliable protection of all electrical equipment and allows you to organize smooth acceleration and deceleration of the electric motor, as well as perform stepless regulation of the rotor speed.

    Machine design option

    • To increase productivity and simplify the unbalance correction process, the machine can be additionally equipped with a “drilling module” or “milling module”, to unbalance correction of the rotor without removing it from the machine. It is convenient to use to increase the performance of the operation.
    • The machine can be equipped with a collet chuck with pneumatic or hand-operated clamping, or even a pneumatic chuck.
    • A larger quantity of mandrels is necessary in the case of special applications; we are able to produce all the mandrels necessary to satisfy all your requirements.
    • For balancing heavy workpieces, the machine can be equipped with a jack for smooth (shock-free) installation/removal of the balancing workpiece from the machine spindle. This provides a safer working environment for the machine during loading and assures durability of the machine and prevents potential damage to the machine spindle and mounting accessories.

    We produce machines according to the full production cycle (we manufacture all machine parts ourselves), so we can produce the machine you need, which differs in its characteristics from the standard range


    We make balancing easier – the main advantage characterizing our balancing systems.

    • Ease of use and simple operation do not require special theoretical knowledge from the operator.
    • Displays the balancing process in real time and monitors the unbalance behavior of the rotor on the screen to achieve the best possible result.
    • The maximum sensitivity of the machine at any moment of operation, set-up and calibration of the machine is carried out by the operator himself.
    • Free from the influence of external vibration factors on the measuring result, has a high degree of protection against various types of disturbance.
    • World-leading functionality and accuracy due to 40 years of industry development and application experience.


    Maximum weight of balanced rotors, kg100
    Maximum part diameter, mm550
    Maximum part height, mm200
    Minimum achievable residual specific imbalance,
    Number of measured rotor correction planes1 and 2
    Rotor speed range, rpm300 – 1000
    Drive typeVariable frequency asynchronous electric drive
    Power of the electric motor, kW4.0
    InstrumentationPB-02M / PAK-1
    PackageEquipment for balancing parts according to the statement of work Operation manual


    The page lists the characteristics of the basic model of the machine. Almost any parameter(diameter, length, weight, etc.) of the machine can be changed on the customer’s request. When ordering the machine, all parameters of the machine will be agreed additionally.
    We will calculate the tolerances for the permissible residual disbalance according to your drawings. Balance correctly!