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DPF Filter cleaning business

DPF filter cleaning equipment is a profitable solution for your business

We produce professional equipment for regeneration of particulate filters (DPF) and catalysts of passenger and commercial vehicles. Maximum quick payback of the equipment, if you already own any vehicle repair service. Minimum of resources and time to open your own service for DPF filter cleaning with our equipment.

Do you want to start a new branch of business? We have both an idea and a ready-made solution.

In connection with the tightening of environmental standards, all world autoconcerns began to equip diesel cars with DPF filters. These devices clean exhaust gases of carbon black. However, at the same time, car owners have an additional headache.

After all, filters on passenger transport are clogged already after 40-100 thousand km of mileage, and on freight – after 200-300 thousand km. Clogging of the filtering device leads to various problems – from highlighting errors to increasing fuel consumption. Moreover, the engine or turbocompressor may fail. And this will require significant costs from the car  owner.  

What cleaning methods are available for particulate filters?

  • Self-cleaning of the filter initiated by the electronic system of the car. Due to the peculiarities of the urban traffic, the timely burning of soot, as a rule, does not occur. As a result, it accumulates. At the same time, the electronic control system reduces the engine power and can even turn it off.
  • Installation of a new filter. Due to the high price of this part and the need for frequent replacements, this solution is not suitable for all car owners.
  • Removal the filter and change the original firmware. It can lead to car malfunctions and even to a reduction in engine life for 10-20%. In addition, a car without a filter will have problems entering European countries. Also, the removal of this part leads to decreasing the cost of the car when sold.
  • Forced cleaning under artisanal conditions. It can cause serious damage to the device. For example, when the filter is soaked in aggressive cleaning substances, its working surface is damaged.
  • Professional cleaning with high quality special equipment. This is an effective and safe procedure! We offer equipment for just such cleaning.

POSEIDON -1000 Automatic cleaning machine for hydrodynamic washing of DPF filters

Restores operability for 97%. At the same time, the car retains in compliance with current environmental standards. The equipment is also suitable for catalysts cleaning. Cleaning takes place due to the influence of water, air and special detergents.

The automatic cleaning machine POSEIDON-1000 may be serviced by only one person. This employee will not need deep knowledge. We will teach you all the necessary skills to work on equipment. It’s included in the cost of the machine. Thus, you will be sure that from the first day of the equipment operation, the filters of your customers will be cleaned in the best way. And this will favorably affect the reputation of the service and bring new orders.

Additional advantages of the automatic cleaning machine POSEIDON-1000:

  • Easy to work with. It is provided with a touch screen and a convenient software interface.
  • The ability to check the degree of contamination before the cleaning starts, and then check its result. To do this, you can diagnose the filter status and print the report. You can give your customers printed reports along with clean filters. So customers will not worry and ask you extra questions.
  • Speed of operation. The accelerated drying mode allows you to perform the entire service cycle for about 1 hour. Thus, customers will not have to wait long, and this will increase the popularity of your service

Why will opening a filter cleaning service be a profitable business for you?

  1. We offer a bench for catalysts and filter devices cleaning at an affordable price. The demand for consumables is minimal. Thus, your business investments will be moderate and quickly pay off.
  2. The number of diesel cars, and therefore your potential customers in Europe is constantly growing.
  3. Cleaning the filter is much cheaper than installing a new one. Therefore, many owners who do not want to spend extra without the need will be happy to use your services.
  4. There are still few services that ensure high-quality cleaning of filters in our country. That is, the level of competition is low. Therefore, you have the opportunity now to easily enter the promising market and take a worthy place on it.

Every year the quantity of cars equipped with a DPF filter grows and the need for servicing this unit increases. Replacing the DPF filter is much more expensive than periodic forced cleaning on a specialized bench. Therefore, the demand for these services will only grow.

Who would benefit from a DPF filter cleaning SERVICE as an additional source of income?

As quickly as possible, the equipment for catalysts and filter devices cleaning will pay off if you own a service for repairing any automotive units, for example:

  • engines;
  • turbines;
  • electrical parts.

After all, many car owners come to you with complaints, not suspecting that all the troubles are caused by a clogged filter. You immediately quickly and carefully clean the device, resolving the client’s problems. 

Be the first in your city! 

Make money by cleaning particular filters!

Open your own DPF filters and catalysts cleaning service

Along with the equipment, you will receive training in working skills, as well as technical support for the entire life of the equipment.

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